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Adjustment Meeting Minutes


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New Life Food Club

To keep all our members informed, this page will have the minutes of our meetings.

October 14th Meeting Highlights

Northeast Cooperatives has come out with new software which finally enabled me to coordinate the cycle emphasis with some specials. I've tried to blend some specials with the most commonly used items. I would appreciate feedback on how this works for everyone and if you have any further suggestions.

Copies of the Foodlink software are available for all members. It enables you to download the pricelist a little sooner than you now receive your catalogs. It has wonderful search capabilities - by product ID #, description, specials, brand, and more. You can mark which products you're interested in and then print your list. We will still be ordering as we have in the past, but the program is still very useful.

If you would like a copy (on CD), please contact either Harold Watson or Linda Walsh.


At the next meeting we will be discussing our problems of low membership/work hour shortages, and the possiblility of combining/eliminating some core positions. Please bring your thoughts on the matter to share.

Next adjustment meeting: November 11th