New Life Food Club Monthly Meeting

One Monday per month please attend

the Adjustment meeting:  

All Members are encouraged to attend the adjustment meeting.  Member participation allows the Club to order

full cases of products at discount prices which are then

split amongst members. 

With some products, the Club member may only order goods by the case.  As a result, when an individual member doesn't need a whole case, they may mark the on-line order form as a split case of a product.  The remaining items of that split case are offered to all members in an on-line web-page titled "splitting cases."   Club members peruse the "general store" web site for items to order AND they watch the "splitting cases" web-page to help fill the order on a split case.  During the adjustment meeting, folks may select remaining items if  a case is still partially filled.  In this way, most cases are filled. 

Its always fun to order a few items you may have never considered ordering before!  Come socialize during our monthly adjustment meeting as we coordinate our Club's order.  Children are welcome to attend with a favorite quiet toy.  At the meeting, members also sign up for duties - such as delivery day tasks.

Please pay for your order the by the end of the Adjustment Meeting.  The treasurer emails invoices and statements to members.  All members have a 5% surcharge on the order unless they have an active Officer position in the Club.  Tax is charged on taxable items.  We usually have a bulk buy discount of 10%-12% on top of buying club prices.