Your family's organic food buying club in greater Dayton, Ohio

New Life Food Club is an organic food buying club located in the Dayton, Ohio area.  As a food co-op, we get together monthly to buy healthy food in wholesale quantities at low cost.  We share the work of sorting and unpacking on delivery day.  Our members range from growing families to baby boomers. 

The Club has many families with special dietary needs or who are trying allergen-free diets. Many of the items you may consider as specialty are regularly ordered through the club.

health food at discount prices

We purchase frozen, refrigerated and dry goods directly from United Natural Foods Inc. as well as health and household supplies from Frontier Natural Products. We also order local organic eggs, meat and seasonal organic produce.  If you prefer organic or natural items and spend a lot of time and money at the local health food store; and if you can spare a couple of hours a month to help out, we can offer you a better selection of products and save you some money!

We work on a rotating four week delivery schedule.
   Week 1: Submit orders through the Internet
   Week 2: Attend Order Adjustment Meeting - Monday 7-8pm
   Week 3: Assist on Delivery Day - Tuesdays 1:30pm
   Week 4: Rest and enjoy.
   Anytime: Browse next month's catalog of special prices

Membership Dues: Dues are a one time $40 fee. Part of fee ($30) is refundable if you decide to leave the club and are a member in good standing (no outstanding bills). Two families can share one membership and submit one joint order.

Order Requirements:  No minimum amount on individual orders.
Members must submit an order at least once every 3 months. Members can either purchase whole or split cases with other members.

Monthly Meeting: We meet once a month on a Monday evening to reconcile the Club's order for the month. Please attend - member participation is the only way we can continue to buy in bulk and split cases. Children welcome to meetings and delivery day.

Member Work Requirements:
Three hour minimum per 6 month period. Members sign up to work delivery day jobs: unloading the truck, sorting, repackaging. Five dollars an hour charged for un-worked time. When we all pitch in, the orders are unloaded, sorted and weighed quickly and we all benefit!

Location: The meeting hall and kitchen of a local Oakwood church, near-town Dayton.